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What time does Sean Connery turn up to Wimbledon? Tennis. If, like me, you’re relatively new to tennis and your only experience of the sport is what you’ve seen on Wimbledon, then this is the right guide for you. Tennis, much like many other sports, has entirely its own kind of lingo that can be very difficult for an outsider to penetrate. So, if you’re already fairly good at the sport and you’re aware of the attracting tennis betting odds that are available for the next season of Wimbledon, then you’ll be bound to find something new to pick up from this article. Read on!


This is one you’ll hear rarely, but it’s still certainly one to look out for, especially if you’re into tennis betting. If a player serves the ball with such precision and power that the ball is missed completely by the receiver, then that serve is considered an ace. Typically, an ace will travel at an angle and will land on one of the back corners of the service box. Aces are rare for the reason in sanctioned tennis tournaments for the reason that the opponents in competitive matches are usually weighted fairly based on their skill, so it’s unlikely that one player would have such a huge advantage as to be able to ace the other player so easily. However, in amateur tennis games that you might play in your backyard, you’ll find aces occur a lot more frequently.


As the name suggests, a brutaliser is a shot that that relies on no techniques other than pure, brute force in order to smash the ball with enough power that your opponent is helpless to defend against it. This is something that occurs most often in men’s tennis, usually as a test of the opponent’s endurance near the beginnings of matches, when energy levels are high. It’s also used as a psychological tactic for the intent of intimidating and humiliating your opponent.

So, there’s a couple of the more interesting terms used in tennis that I hope you have found useful. You can now look forward to placing your bets on the tennis odds with more confidence next Wimbledon season.


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