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Tennis and Yoga


Tennis and yoga? What’s going on here!? Yeah, I don’t exactly blame you for your reaction but believe me, there have been some interesting developments in the current trend of blending sporting activities with yoga. For those of you who aren’t too in the know about yoga, it’s a meditational form of exercise that focuses on stretching parts of the body that aren’t normally moved in that position to allow the muscles to be exercised in unusual ways, thus freeing any built up ‘negative energy’. It just so happens that tennis seems to be the best sport of them all to blend with yoga. It all happened when tennis superstar Andy Murray found out that his coach is also, in fact, some kind of yoga guru. There’s probably a special word of whatever that is, but yoga has its own strange and difficult language, so I’m going to leave it out for now.

But what’s the point of all this? Surely mixing yoga with a sport is no more than some kind of gimmick or fad that’s going to fizzle out within a few months? Erm, no. No, it won’t. The benefits of the marriage of tennis, or any other sport, to yoga are staggering. Stress relief? Check, yoga is a form of meditation, after all. Muscular exercise? Of course, you see videos and pictures of yoga gurus bending in all manners of painful-looking positions. What else? Injury prevention, of course! It makes perfect sense: stretching the muscles in yoga before a match means that any kind of muscle-related injury is much less likely to occur. Take that into account next time you’re planning on placing any tennis bets.

So, is it really just for tennis? Not at all; the Welsh rugby team have also started using it to prepare for their epic battle against New Zealand. So, I bet you thought that tennis and yoga was weird, right? Rugby and yoga just seems plain ludicrous, seeing as rugby is a sport associated with big, burly, tough guys and yoga is something more introspective and feminine. So, next time you’re checking out the tennis betting odds, pay attention to who’s practising yoga as they’re much less likely to bail on an injury.


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