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Rugby Tackling Tips


One of the last things said to me before I played my first game of rugby was my PE teacher say “oh, one my thing, boys – be careful; you can break your back in this game.” That really didn’t help my enthusiasm, to say the very least. But rugby doesn’t have to be a dangerous sport; if you learn how to respect your opponents with proper gentlemanly conduct, and they do the same for you, then you have little to fear. Here’s a few pointers on learning to tackle in a safer and more effective way:

Go for the torso

Don’t ever be tempted to grab hold of your opponent’s arms, legs or the ball if you’re going in for a tackle. These parts can easily be pulled out of your grip and will never give you a very strong or reliable point of tackle. Instead, focus on the torso, it’s a big target and it governs where the rest of the body ends up once it has been moved. Plus the torso’s own escape power is nothing compared to that of the arms or legs; in comparison, the torso is a big and weak target, so go for it. If you’ve been checking out the rugby betting odds and are about to watch a big game, then you’ll notice how the pros will never attempt to tackle via the limbs.

Keep your elbows in at all times

We here that all the time when we’re riding on roller coasters or whatever, but it rings especially true in rugby. If you’re standing with your arms and hands fully-extended and splayed out then it just makes you an easier target, as well as weakening your centre of gravity. Plus you’re more like to have an arm pulled back in an awkward position, which could result in nasty injury. Keep your elbows down near your waist and keep your hands up, like you’re ready to fight. You’ll be a smaller, stronger and more stable target that way.

The Rugby World Cup betting odds are looking better than ever at the moment, so it’s shaping up to be a very exciting season for rugby indeed!


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