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Real Life Monopoly – The Betting Game


Monopoly with real money is one of the most exciting board games out there. Apart from using real cash, there are differences with the ordinary game. For one, the player can build as many hotels as they can afford. In fact they can build enough hotels on their land to send you paying off your debts and packing off and out of the game after a single throw of the dice.

There can be as many as 8 players. Each player in the game is obliged to make up a card to be added to the Community Chest. The cards placed in the Community Chest tend to be pretty ruthless in nature.

A common penalty is: give every player twenty percent of your money, or choose one player who will be exempted from paying any money on one of your properties for the rest of the game. The property in question is determined by where you are on the board. You have to pick the land or closest to you. If you are an equal distance from two properties than the choice is yours.

The made-up cards however have to be discussed and seen by all the players before hand. Every player has to agree on the cards invented before they can be included in the Community Chest.

The game can be played with any denomination of money – from one pound notes to fifty pounds – for those who can afford such losses. Although you will never lose or win as much money you might with American Football Betting, it is perhaps a more exhilarating way of betting as you will be taking part in the game yourself.

Pacts can be made, but only with one other player and there must be a single winner in the end, or else all the money is return to the monopoly box for a new game.

The outcome of playing the game with real money and as much money as is agreed by the players, means that any piece of land bought can be as expensive or even more expensive than the so-called wealthiest streets on the board.

You could be spending as much money as you might do on your super bowl betting odds. There basically is no glass ceiling in terms of how much money any player can make from their property.


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