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My First Experience With American Sports


I’m the sort of person that absolutely loves to travel, so this summer when my brother in law invited me and the wife to stay at his house in America, I wasn’t going to turn it down! Pete lives in New York City, which is somewhere that I have always wanted to visit. He moved there about five years ago, and we have been planning a visit since he first arrived, but you know how it goes- one thing piles up on top of another and you never get round to actually getting where you want to go.

One thing about America that Pete has been raving about since before he even left, is the sports that they play over there. I knew absolutely nothing about American sports before we visited, but I was keen to learn more and watch a few games, because everybody always says how great an experience it is. Pete had told us that there are pretty good super bowl betting odds that are worth looking into, so I was thinking about making a few sneaky bets when July wasn’t looking!

We didn’t actually manage to get to the super bowl but we went to see an NBA game and I still managed to take advantage of the basketball betting which turned out pretty well for me! I won a tidy little sum and treated us all to some beers and dinner after the game, so July wasn’t too bothered about it which was a relief.

Pete wasn’t wrong about the sports in America. You don’t just go to watch the game, you go to experience everything that comes with it! They are constantly making food available throughout the game, so I got a few hot dogs which were thrown to me just like in the movies! The whole thing was great fun and I am definitely not going to leave it so long before I go back to the states again!


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