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Is Football Entering in a New Age?


With the arrival of a new kind of investor with unlimited funds buying clubs like Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Malaga and Anzhi Makhatchkala; the eternal titans of European football are being seriously challenged. Manchester City has spent 90M£, Paris Saint Germain 85M£, Malaga 65M£ and Anzhi Makhatchkala 62M£ in signing new players to their team. Since they have unlimited budgets they can offer the biggest salaries to players. Just like Samuel Eto’o signing for a fee of 25M£ and an annual salary of 20M£ making him the top earning salary the history of football. These teams may be new on the top of the European scene but they will eventually crush the titans of football history. Anzhi Makhatchkala’s coach, Roberto Carlos has great ambitions for this club and he wants to sign many world class players such as Nicolas Anelka, Robin Van Persie, Nene and Neymar. Last week it was Carlos Tevez that was also mentioned to join them. Paris Saint Germain has just signed 9 international players this summer, most of them fairly young with great potential. They have also signed Pastore from Palermo for 42M€, thus being the most expensive signing in the history of the French’s championship. They also have signed a pre-contract with Jose Mourinhno (UEFA’s best coach of the year 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010). These investors claim to have the highest ambitions for their teams and money isn’t an issue. And the grand national betting can change their odds as teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Chelsea and Inter Milan can fear the rising of these new super powers. You could bet your money on one of these teams to win the Champions League within the next 5 years. Now is not too late before the grand national betting odds change. So football is now entering in a new age.


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