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Growth in Darts


Whether you enjoy darts in a more relaxed atmosphere, or have recently jumped on the darts bandwagon, it can be agreed upon that the sport has grown exponentially the past few years. I have been attempting to understand why this has occurred, but the only answer that I have been able to come up with so far is that it has a lot to do with the internet. It is undeniable that the internet provides us with a wealth of information that pertains to a variety of different sources. For this reason, it is quite understandable why such a sport as darts has taken off recently. You have sites, fan clubs, and access to videos that you did not have before. This leads to more education on the sport, which, in turn, sparks more interest.

I have been playing darts professionally for the past 8 years and enjoy it very much. Sure, I have those days that I have to shake my head and ask myself what I am doing, but those days are becoming less frequent. While the sport is not as physically demanding as say football, I can state with confidence that it is just as stressful for the participants. Can you imagine holding a tiny dart still while you are attempting to make the throw of your career? It is a difficult situation to be in, trust me.

While there has been an increase in interest in darts, what is truly surprising is the amount of gambling that takes place during a competition. A darts bet is something that is tricky. You have to consider so many factors that are out of your control, much like Australian open betting. I would encourage anyone that is interested in darts to go to their nearest pub and throw a few sets.


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