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Funny Football Superstitions


Football is arguably the most ridiculous sport there ever was. Not the sport itself, that is, as it’s a fairly standard ballgame, but the wealth of culture, counter-culture, behaviour and superstition that surrounds the game, not the mention the wealth itself. Here’s a few funny ones to set the ball rolling:


The bizarrely-named Midlands Portland Cement team were instructed by their coach to bathe in the sacred waters of the Zambezi river, in Zimbabwe, prior to a game. That’s all very nice and harmless until you consider the fact that the river is a notorious spawning-ground for crocodiles. One player was eaten alive and the team lost the match. Just think about how something like this might effect the FA Cup odds!


The aptly-named Chris Waddle once confessed that he spent the entire 1983 season playing for Newcastle with the same pair of underpants. Also, later on in that decade, he didn’t shave once until his team lost a game, and ended up resembling a mulletted Fred Flintstone. Oh, I should probably mention that he did wash his single pair of underpants, but he never mention how often, so don’t hold your breath too much.

Willy Wonka

Malvin Kamara insists in watcing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory right before he embarks on the pitch for every game. He insists that the popular, children’s cult-hit gets him in exactly the right mood to win every game. Kamara even goes so far as to say the will only ever watch the original version of the film, as he hates the remake. Good man.


You already know how gross it is to pee in a swimming pool, but Sergio Goycochea, goalkeeper of Argentina likes to pee on the football pitch before defending against a penalty. The first time he did it, it was unintentional and because of nerves, yet he saved the penalty and has kept the ritual alive since.

With the way things are looking with the current Europa League odds, this is a very exciting time for football indeed, despite the weird rituals that certain players get up to!


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