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Don’t Bet On Chickens!


Betting is an intrinsic part of human nature. People will always find a way and a reason to bet. It is enjoyable and a thrilling way of cranking up the stakes in our lives with large sums of money or valuable possessions.

 There are all forms of betting. People can always find something to bet about or something to bet with, whether they are stuck on a desert island or in solitary confinement. Cock-fighting is just one of the many creative betting ways human beings – men especially, have come up with over the centuries.

 It is a blood sport held in a ring called a cockpit. It is now illegal in most of Europe and throughout all the states in America, Brazil, and Australia. It is also illegal in several of United States Territories.

 Cocks naturally possess congenital aggression towards other males of their species. These birds though, or combatants referred to as game cocks, are specifically bred chickens that are conditioned to possess even greater aggression, strength and stamina.

 Owners of cocks often treat them as well as race-horses. Before a fight they are treated and conditioned much like professional athletes. Close attention is paid to their health, the food they eat and their temperament before the fights.

 On average they do not start fighting until the age of two. Bets are often made on the outcome of the fights. As a result the cocks are often made to fight to the death. Even when they do not die they often endure significant trauma.

 In many areas of the world the practice is still legal. In fact in some countries, it is a national sport.

 Fortunately in much of the West the betting has been replaced by more humane sports betting such as super bowl betting odds. If you would like try out your lock on one of the four major sports in the States, then American football odds is a good place to start.


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