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Big Money is Scary


First of all, I have to admit that I don’t really know what I’m doing with money most of the time. Yes, that’s right – I’m financially illiterate. This isn’t usually a problem most of the time, as the budget that I’m used to is too tight for me to worry about doing clever things with my savings, although it is comfortable enough to live on. I’ve just unexpectedly come into a reasonably large sum of money and I’m right in the middle of working out what to do with it. I guess my initial reaction to the news was that I was very surprised and happy, but now I’m a little numb and feeling troubled about what to do with it all. Of course, it would be easy enough to just go out and blow it on something like booze, clothes, nice meals out, maybe a car – you name it. I have been sitting on it for three days now and I just don’t really know enough about the scary world of investing and stock markets and all that fancy stuff.

 It all happened the day me and a few friends went out to go bet on the horses at the Grand National. Now, I’m not really a big fan of random gambling, although I love a game of poker where I at least have some control over my choices, but I decided to go along with it anyway, rather than be a spoilsport. So, we placed our Grand National bets, which I did grudgingly at first, but after I’d had a few drinks, I came back and slapped down an obscene amount of money on a horse with very low odds. Initially I was cursing myself for such foolish behaviour, but needless to say, I was completely taken by surprise when that horse won, by some miracle. Now I’m in reading Stocks and Share for Dummies and just drawing blanks. I hear the Cheltenham betting odds are looking even better!


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