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Betting On Rhinoceros Beetles


Betting is a sport practised by all peoples of the world. It is not limited to age, though it must be admitted that less women than men bet.

In the Ivory Coast, a great pastime for children was placing bets on male Rhinoceros Beetles fighting against each other. The favoured means of betting was not money, but marbles – glass or porcelain marbles.

The beetles could grow up to three inches in length and about an inch wide. They had a strong coffee brown exoskeleton and two horns, similar to that of the rhinoceros, hence why they have their name. They have three sharp claws on their feet and sharp barbs or hooks on the lower half their legs.

The beetles are amongst the largest in the world, but are harmless to other creatures other than towards other males of their species during their mating season, which coincides with the rainy season in West Africa.

They are the strongest animals on the planet, proportionally. They can lift up to 850 times their own body weights. To put this into perspective, if the average human had the strength of a rhinoceros beetle, it would be able to lift 65 ton objects. An average large African Elephant can only carry 25% of its own weight on its back.

The sports is apparently growing in popularity in the West behind closed doors amongst private owners. Watching these magnificent creatures fighting in small confined places where they cannot avoid confrontation is long and often tedious affair as the fights can go on for days. More importantly however, it is for all intention purposes, a blood sport which should have no place in a modern civilised society.

You are better off spending your money on say, NBA betting. In fact there are so many other betting options in the world today which offer a lot more excitement and bigger returns, it is hard to understand why people would put these small beautiful and fascinating creatures through such cruelty, when they could so easily place bets on any of the major American or European teams sports or matches such as the NBA odds and win a lot more money.


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