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American Football Jargon


American football is a whole different ballgame (haha . . .) when it comes down to unique terminology when compared to other sports. For a British person, listening to American football players talking about their sport is about as intelligible as trying to understand a group of First World War fighter pilots; bloody impossible. Luckily for you, I’ve managed to piece together some of the more interesting terms and can hopefully explain them to you to get you to improve your understanding of the game. If you’re into American football betting, then this will be right up your street, so read on:


This is a funny-sounding one. Maybe a little Russian or Polish or something, but you can be assured that it’s totally American. A fumblerooski, as the name suggests, is the act of the quarterback purposely manipulating the ball in such a way that he appears to be fumbling with it. The purpose of this is so that the quarterback can buy enough time for one of his teammates to run along and pick up the ball from him. Not surprisingly, the fumblerooski is frowned upon by almost all tournament-level American football groups and will results in severe penalty for the perpetrator’s team.


A gunslinger is a quarterback with one hell of a strong arm; someone whose playstyle consists of long, arching throws, rather than spending a lot of energy on running around the pitch. It’s important to observe how players expend their energy – some with powerful throws, others with plenty of movement, or some in between the two – know the playstyles of your teammates and learn those of your opponents to truly unlock your full potential.


This is a nasty one. A horse-collar, or to horse-collar someone, is to tackle them by grabbing hold of their shoulder pads from behind them. It’s a cheap trick and is frowned upon by most sanctioned football organisations. It’s also dangerous and can result in great injury for both parties.

So, now that you’ve got the gist of a couple of terms, you should be able to enjoy American football a little more than before. Whether you’re playing, checking out Super Bowl odds, or just spectating, there will have been something here to take away with you and improve your understanding of the game.


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