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A Salute to Cheltenham


Nestled in Gloucestershire is a little place that is referred to as Cheltenham. While some of you may have been there for business, pleasure, or by accident, the name Cheltenham is well known around the world. The reason is not what many may think. Sure the city is beautiful, the people are welcoming, and the employment is good, but the reason that so many people know of Cheltenham is for their football league. Those that follow football in Europe tend to be dedicated to the sport, investing time, money, and effort into every game. The fans that are located in Cheltenham, or follow the league from a distance, are of a different sort. They are perhaps the most dedicated of fans that I have ever come across, which becomes evident if you ever step foot into a pub on game night. The walls shake when they cheer, and the floor resembles a trampoline when they score a goal. I can say with confidence that this is true, as I have been there several times for work and I have visited these pubs during game nights. While season games are exciting, I can only imagine what happens during the playoffs. The place must be a madhouse.

On my last trip, I began to notice a growing trend of those participating in Cheltenham betting. It seemed as though everyone within Cheltenham was pretty confident that they were going to win the game, as was evident with the amount of gambling that was going on in the pub. Surely those that placed a Cheltenham bet would not declare it to be gambling, as Cheltenham was sure to win. I did not stick around to find out who won, but I can say that those fans had confidence in their team. Loyalty is always nice to see when it comes to sports teams, as there are many bandwagon jumpers out there. For your loyalty, I salute you Cheltenham.


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