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A Few Easy Tips to Really Improve Your Darts Skills


Darts is a deceptively hard game, no doubt about it. Once you’ve been watching some of the superstars effortlessly toss several bullseyes in a row, it almost feels like the game should be too easy. Then you go and try and end up embarrassing yourself in front of all your mates at the pub. Oh well, that’s always the way with watching professionals excel at their sports, especially if you’re into darts betting. Here’s a few tips to up your darts game:


For some reason, there’s always been a myth that closing one eye is supposed to dramatically improve your accuracy. Let’s address this now: it doesn’t. Playing darts with both eyes open is the only way to play. It’s likely that the myth came about from hunters closing their weak eye to get a clearer view through their scopes. You’re not using a scope; this is darts. Open both eyes and see a world of difference in your accuracy.


A lot of newer darts players seem to believe that you absolutely must hurl the dart at the board with as much force as you can muster. This will, of course, result in wild, dangerous and inaccurate shots that will usually ricochet off the backboard, or embed the dart deep in the cork and possibly blunt or damage it. Only use as much power as is necessary; you should always be throwing with the lowest amount of power needed to make your shot hit home.


Another frequent mistake made by newer player is right before they’ve even thrown the dart. The stance is of critical importance in darts and even the most minor of adjustments can make a whole world of difference. You should be standing as close to the line as you possibly can, but you may lightly lift a foot from the ground if you need to. Standing side-on is best, with your throwing-arm facing forwards. You don’t need to be at exactly 90 degree to the dartboard, but you’ll soon enough find a position that works well for you.

With all the excitement of the current darts betting odds, everyone’s playing this sport down their local at the moment. Practice your stance and learn your own strength and you’ll soon be competing on a level with the pros!


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